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What is CPD?


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is simply about developing your knowledge and skills throughout your career – whether it’s keeping abreast of changes in safety legislation that may affect the work you do, finding out about new products and systems in your industry or getting to grips with changing technology.

Professionals in many industries like Medicine and Law have been required to undertake regular and ongoing CPD for many years; after all, how much trust would you have in a Doctor who hadn’t learnt anything new since he graduated from Medical School in the 1960s?

Now, customers, employers, trade associations, audit bodies etc are looking for similar reassurance from people working in all trades and industries – you may have been doing the same job for 20 years, but do you still know what’s legally required of you and can you confidently say that you’re using up to date methods and technologies to give you a competitive edge and the customer the best product or service?

How can CPD help me or my company win business?

In these highly competitive times, customers are looking for the best value for money. That doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest.

Customers and contractors are looking for assurances that the work they are paying for will be carried out legally, safely, competently and using up to date products, materials and systems. And they will be looking to delegate responsibility to the Contractor to have this covered.

When tendering or quoting for business, what better way of demonstrating this than to be able to produce a comprehensive report of your professional development activity over the last year, two years or three years, with evidence to verify attendance or competence.

A growing number of Trade Associations are now requiring CPD as part of their membership criteria, as their reputation for Quality is also on the line by listing your company as one of their members.

And when it comes to fighting legal cases, documented evidence of training and competence provides a very powerful defence – a company on the wrong side of the Law can quickly see devastating damage to their business and brand image.